Dear Students and Guardians,

When the new Prospectus is in your hands, I cannot resist myself from sharing my feelings with you, particularly guardians, erudite teachers, Non-teaching employees and students about the golden past, vibrant present and promising future of Thakur Prasad College, Madhepura. This backward region of Bihar still presents the latent longings and poor legacy of the past in spite of giving birth to Bhupendra Narayan Mandal, B.P. Mandal, Shivnandan Mandal, Kirti Narayan Mandal and so many immortal sons of the soil.

In the present era of universalization and liberalization, time is highly changing and challenging to new aspirants of fast moving world. Now, job-oriented phase of time education and knowledge construe to focus on committed facilities and opportunities providing employment and pivotal role in every walk of life. Thakur Prasad College, Madhepura is to start B.Ed. Course with great effort to enrich the student’s career in future.

This institution is committed for delivering the best possible education and learning to fulfill future goals of life. I hope that dedication and devotion would be a source of inspiration for job-seekers and continue process of developing current. Extremely committed faculty and the art of connectivity the vision of the institution would come into reality and glorify the new horizon.

Lastly, I would like to invite attention of the aspirants towards imparting qualitative and innovative teaching to the students, It is highly pleasure to me for being attached to achieve the goals and objectives of secure future.

Wishing bright future for my boys and girls.

Thakur Prasad College, Madhepura